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For registration, use the contact form below or contact Tove Brandt at +45 50 13 56 66.

We can also offer champagne tastings at companies or in private. For further information, please contact Tove Brandt at +45 50 13 56 66.

Tastings events

Rosé champagne tasting

⏰ Approx. 2 hours
Price. 450 DKK per person,-

📆 Next dates:
25 May 2024, at 16:30-18:30

Is Rosé champagne just champagne with red wine?

Yes and no. Rosé champagne is made in different ways and with different grapes, and can therefore taste just as different as white champagne.
We learn and taste the different types and then you can find out which Rosé champagne you prefer.

We taste 5 different champagnes.

Champagne styles and types

⏰ Approx. 2 hours
Price. 450 DKK per person,-

📆 Next dates:
15 June 2024, 16:30-18:30
7 September 2024, at 16:30-18:30
12 October 2024, 16:30-18:30
9 October 2024, 16:30-18:30

Is champagne not just champagne?
Yes and no. Do you, for example, know the difference between Blanc de Blanc and Blanc de Noirs? We will go behind the concepts while we taste and understand.

A champagne tasting where we compare and taste different types and vintages. We will learn about the role of grapes for style and taste and why there is a difference between a pure Blanc de Blancs and Blanc de Noirs. Or can it even be tasted? Definitely – especially if you know it.

We will taste 5 different champagnes.

Winegrower visit (Alfred Tritant)

⏰ Saturday 27 April 2024 – 4 pm

📍Place: Tirage Champagne Bar

💵 Price. 450 DKK per person,-

Visit by one of our winegrowers who talks about their production, style and thoughts about champagne.

It is with great pleasure that we can welcome Jean-Luc and Mathilde Weber-Tritant to Tirage Saturday 27 April 2024 at 4 pm.

Alfred Tritant Champagne grows 3 hectares of land in Bouzy and Ambonnay (both classified as Grand Cru), divided into 19 plots, spread over all the hillside, this giving a good representation of the terroir. Their domain is certified HVE (environmental certificate) and has the certification for organic farming.

They will present 5 of their lovely champagnes, and talk about the style of the house and stories from being a winegrower.

After the special tasting and stories we will make a special price of Tritant champagne (to drink in bar or to bring home)

Other events


📅 Next dates:
20 March 2024
25 April 2024
30 May 2024
27 April 2024

📍Place: Tirage Champagne Bar

An evening of knitting projects and bubbles at the TIRAGE Champagne Bar. Handiwork and fun in a wonderful combination.

We make it a tradition to have knitting and having fun at TIRAGE on the last Thursday of the month. The first time will be Thursday 30 November, when we will have extra fun for the first 6 knitters with a glass of free champagne.

Booking is not required for this event.

Colleague’s Day

📅 Next dates:
April 4, 2024
May 2 2024
June 6, 2024

📍Place: Tirage Champagne Bar

The first Thursday of the month is colleague’s day! This means that your colleagues and you have to pamper each other a little extra.❤️
Come into Tirage and pamper each other with delicious champagne at good prices! 🍾

Booking is not required for this event.

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